Apologetics Day 2022

Today has been dubbed Apologetics Day (or Apologetics Awareness Day) because the date matches the most direct command in Scripture to do the work of apologetics, I Peter 3:15.

Apologetics is the work of answering questions. Christianity, “the hope that is in you,” is so different from the world that it necessarily prompts questions. Many of those questions obviously come from nonbelievers. These are questions like “Was Jesus a real person, or a myth built from other myths?” or “Can the resurrection of Jesus be proven?” Sometimes the questions come from other Christians, or even ourselves. Maybe you’ve wondered, “How can I say the Bible is true, when I’ve been reading it and have noticed some things that seem to contradict each other?” These are all good questions, with good answers that will bolster your faith.

Some Christians have been taught that it is improper to ask questions. That idea is not one that comes from Scripture. We see the disciples asking Jesus many questions. In fact, if the old saying that “There is no such thing as a dumb question” is true, the disciples put that to the test. We see Jesus’ mother respond to the news of her pregnancy from the angel with a question. The important thing we see in that encounter was that Mary still exhibited her faith in God, even when she could not understand how God would do what had been told to her.

My purpose with this blog is to provide a forum for answers to some of the questions that people wrestle with regarding Christianity. My prayer is that it will help believers be stronger believers and nonbelievers to become believers.

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