Resurrection Sunday – How Can We Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead?

Looking at the evidence and the possibilities, we can conclude that Jesus was actually crucified and died, and that He was then buried in a rich man’s tomb. The Christian claim is that on the day after the Jewish sabbath, or in other words, on Sunday morning, Jesus’ followers went to the tomb only toContinue reading “Resurrection Sunday – How Can We Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead?”

Silent Saturday – Was Jesus Really Buried?

Good Friday shows us that Jesus did actually die on a cross. Skeptics will point out that His death on the cross does not necessitate at all that He was raised from the dead. In seeking to find alternative explanations to the Resurrection, some will look to His burial. Some make the claim that JesusContinue reading “Silent Saturday – Was Jesus Really Buried?”

Good Friday – Did Jesus Really Die?

Christianity lives or dies on a singular premise – that the person Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Anything else that may be said about Jesus or Christianity hinges on this one thing being true. If it is false, Jesus was just a Jewish rabbi, with many thought-provoking teachings along with many false teachings. IfContinue reading “Good Friday – Did Jesus Really Die?”